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The Buddy System

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The Buddy System

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Each module consists of a Peer-Review activity. You will exchange the growth work with your buddy and offer feedback on the assignment for that module. After Monday’s lecture, participants will receive growth work to be completed by Friday of Week One.

Monday of Week Two, you’ll exchange your growth work and provide feedback (by Friday of Week Two) to your buddy via a 1-page Reviewer Form (5 prompts) to provide your cohort member constructive and supportive feedback on their growth work.

We will be using Heartbeat (remember to create your profile here!) for the Peer-Review call.

Because of the density of the program participants will be given several opportunities to increase their understanding, comfort level, and application of new concepts by doing.

The Buddy System allows participants to practice a new skill by providing feedback to their peer on monthly growth work.

Here’s how it works:

We’re all adults. You know yourself, your habits, and how responsive you will be in this space. To that end, please select which group best reflects where you are in life, and, subsequently, how you will likely show up for your peers every month.

I ask that you are honest when selecting which group best reflects how responsive you will be in this portion of the program. No judgment—I just need you to be mindful that your peers are depending on you to keep your word. Their experience, in some respects, will depend on their Buddy and whether or not they are timely with their feedback.

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