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Stage Your Nonprofit


The nonprofit success path has been designed to powerfully set your nonprofit up for success. It does not help your organization to simply check off the levels and advance. When every item has been completed “at the standard established in the course” your nonprofit will be transformed and have all the elements of a successful nonprofit.

No one will see how your organization ranks but you. Be mindful, thoughtful, and committed to getting your organization to the place where it is Funder-Ready!

So, go through each stage. Review the characteristics. Honestly determine if your organization reflects the description. Honestly review the items and determine (especially if you have some of the items listed) if they have produced the level of success you need. Because if they haven’t, then they should not be checked off as items your organization has. Remember, the point is to set up your organization the right way. That may mean revamping what you have so that it meets Funder standards.

Be patient and be committed to transforming your organization!

If you have the items on the checklist but haven’t been successful in recruiting high-powered board members, securing grants, corporate sponsors, individual/major donors to cover paid positions and program expenses, and covering operational expenses, then be honest with yourself. Is your goal to check off items, or is your goal to develop an organization that has all it needs to generate consistent revenue? From that place, you will be able to determine if you need to take the time to develop funder-ready documents that will transform your organization.

It may take additional time, work, etc. but this is what you are paying your hard-earned money for: results. You won’t get them if you use the same documents, processes, and systems that have kept your organization in the place where it cannot generate the revenue it needs to make an impact.

Real talk, because I want you to succeed. Success comes from a proven formula. And my experience is that the documents, systems, and processes most nonprofits come into this course with NEED to be revamped or tossed out completely. 

Take a chance. Do the work. Be honest.

Do not leave a level without having checked off every item in that section. I promise, if you work this program, the program will give you what you came here for: consistent revenue. One missing element can thwart the entire process . . . 

Download the PDF checklist below, and start staging your nonprofit!

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