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“BONUS” – Coaching Call Schedule + Access

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“BONUS” – Coaching Call Schedule + Access

July 2024 – July 2025 Coaching Call Schedules

**Calls hosted on Zoom** Email reminders sent only 24 hours and 15 min in advance.

Login via Heartbeat Events


April 19th – 11am PST 

When: Wednesday, April 19th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM

May 10th – 11am PST

When: Wednesday, May 10th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM

June 14th – 11am PST

When: Wednesday, June 14th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM

July 12th – 11am PST

When: Wednesday, July 12th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM

August 9th – 11am PST

When: Wednesday, August 9th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM

September 13th – 11am PST

When: Wednesday, September 13th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM

October 11th – 11am PST

When: Wednesday, October 11th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM

November 8th – 11am PST

When: Wednesday, November 8th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM


When: Wednesday, December 13th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM

January 17th – 11am PST

When: Wednesday, January 17th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM

February 14th – 11am PST

When: Wednesday, February 14th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM

March 13th – 11am PST

When: Wednesday, March 13th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM

April 10th – 11am PST

When: Wednesday, April 10th – 11am PST

Where: ZOOM


*** Important Note: Make sure your browser’s cache is cleared before logging in. 

? To make sure Amber sees your question, please use the Q&A thread that we post (posted on Mondays at 5pm Pacific time) in Heartbeat. You can also search the group for the words “Q&A” and the most recent thread should pop up.

Questions asked outside this specific Q&A thread will not be answered directly by Amber so if you want *guaranteed feedback* from her, please ask inside the designated Q&A thread. Those who ask questions inside this Q&A thread get first priority on the calls.

Please follow the rules on the Q&A thread.

How to use this call:

✅ Watch at least 1 lesson inside the program. If you come to coaching without watching any of the videos or completing any work, I’ll redirect you back to the course.

✅ Ask your specific course-related questions by posting them in this thread (2 coaching questions per person MAX) or show up live (5 MIN. per person) and ask on the call. Ask questions here, and you get first priority on the calls.

✅ Show up LIVE to get the support you need and hear from others going through the same challenges (Replays will be uploaded into Heartbeat under the section “Bonus: Live Coaching + Community” within 48 hours). If you can’t make the live call, please ask questions on the Q&A thread, and we’ll be happy to answer them here, so you don’t miss out on getting the support you need!

✅ Do not coach others in this thread. This thread is specifically for Amber to communicate with her students. Feel free to help others anywhere else in this group. Just not on this specific thread.

Note: This thread will close comments every two weeks on Wednesdays at 6 pm Pacific time. Then, a new one will open the following Monday.

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